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  • DefleMask Mobile released! An interview with Delek

    Out of all the popular music trackers on the chipscene today, you’d be hard pressed to find one more ambitious than DefleMask is. Since its first beta release in 2011, DefleMask has evolved from a simple hobbyist program to one of the chipscene’s most ambitious and widely used music trackers, now backed by a dedicated development team and a loyal userbase that numbers in the thousands. DefleMask is the brainchild of Argentinian programmer Leonardo Demartino, better known by his online handle ‘Delek,’ who serves as the Deflemask dev team’s project lead and main programmer. Other key figures involved in DefleMask’s development include Dario Génova (Graphic Design, UX/UI), Michael “DeadFish” Stamper (ROM Builders Programming) and Francisco Demartino (Additional Programming).

  • An Interview with MiniMacro Sound

    So far, we’ve hosted two Chip Jams here at the Chiptune Café, with most of the entrants from the first Chip Jam returning to compete in the second. In fact, there were only two newcomers competing in Out of Time, and one of them was a server veteran, so “newcomer” can hardly be used to describe them. However, the other new guy, a man by the name of MiniMacro Sound, was different. He was new to the server, having joined to participate in the 2nd Chip Jam, and it wasn’t long before he had his entry, “C7 - Outta Time” submitted. It was a smooth, energetic Famitracker song that had this, sort of,…


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