• DefleMask Mobile released! An interview with Delek

    Out of all the popular music trackers on the chipscene today, you’d be hard pressed to find one more ambitious than DefleMask is. Since its first beta release in 2011, DefleMask has evolved from a simple hobbyist program to one of the chipscene’s most ambitious and widely used music trackers, now backed by a dedicated development team and a loyal userbase that numbers in the thousands. DefleMask is the brainchild of Argentinian programmer Leonardo Demartino, better known by his online handle ‘Delek,’ who serves as the Deflemask dev team’s project lead and main programmer. Other key figures involved in DefleMask’s development include Dario Génova (Graphic Design, UX/UI), Michael “DeadFish” Stamper (ROM Builders Programming) and Francisco Demartino (Additional Programming).

  • The r/earthbound Fan Album, a new community driven project

    I don’t think it’d be crazy to say that VGM is what introduced a lot of us to chip music. Despite the limitations of their times, old VGM composers still put their hearts and souls into their works, and made some really banger soundtracks as a result. If it wasn’t for them putting in all that effort and showing just how powerful those crusty old soundchips can be in the right hands, I doubt we’d have grown up with the same appreciation for the hardware as we do. One of the most prolific VGM soundtracks that always has stuck out in my mind personally is the OST of EarthBound, the cult classic… …

  • A familiar album by bleeckrs returns!

    Editor’s Note: As part of our attempt to offer more diverse content, this time, we’re letting the artist behind today’s project tell their own story. Without further ado, I’ll hand the mic off to bleeckrs. Guess who’s back again! It’s bleeckrs —your friendly neighborhood, experimental and daring semi-chip producer, otherwise known by my first name as Jessii. And I’m back again with a whole new, full-length chiptune album! Although, the album is one that you’ve seen before, just not as polished and revamped as the new COWS GO MOO will be. That’s right! My very first chiptune album is going to… …

  • "chill intense!" A new, lofi BeepBox album

    Phoesics participated in DecFest, and locked down two third place finishes with his entries. Pretty impressive stuff for a newcomer. I’ve told this story before here on the blog, but during the Decemberfest livestream, I received a terrifying DM from an artist named Phoesics who was inquiring why their submission to the covers section wasn’t played on the stream. I began looking into the matter and discovered that there were indeed two submissions which had been filtered into the spam category of our email. Thanks to the quick thinking of the livestream team (thanks again guys), we were able… …


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