Who are we?

The Chiptune Café is an online community made up of chiptune artists, chipdev programmers, old VGM enthusiasts and demosceners, brought together by our common love of chip music and the retro aesthetic. We originated in 2016 as a small Discord server for chiptune artists and enthusiasts to chill in, but as time as passed and the Café has gotten bigger, we’ve expanded into other ventures as well, such as our blog and hosting music jams. Our main goal as a community is to bring people from all across the chipscene together so they can network, learn from one another, and have a platform to show off their awesome projects and creations.

Like we mentioned, the Café has its hands in a lot of different projects. We host a lot of different contests and events directed towards chipsceners, the most prevalent being our recurring Chip Jams, battle-of-the-bands type contests where chiptune composers compete to see who can make the best track while abiding to a predetermined set of rules. There’s also our Café Blog, where we write about everything from important chipscene news to underground indie releases, and even some old retro history from time to time.

It all started in back in 2016…

…when a group of online friends decided to make their own private Discord server. That server, at the time known as “the Meme Squad,” slowly grew from a private hangout to a venue for indie chiptune artists to network, get feedback on their projects and to just hang out with people who had the same niche interests as them. While it was a smaller, backwater community, it created many friendships and opportunities for people within the chipscene that might not have existed otherwise.

However, in mid-2018, the Meme Squad found itself marred by internal drama that essentially killed the community. After all was said and done, some of the OGs decided to rebuild the community so it could once again be a place that benefitted indie creators from the chipscene. Since the old name had become associated with drama and bullshit (and because it was pretty fucking stupid to begin with), the community was eventually renamed to the Chiptune Café.

As you can probably tell, we’ve grown a lot since we rebranded. The Café is now much more than just a Discord server; we run a multitude of different contests and events directed towards chipsceners, including music jams, community meetups, and other awesome stuff. We’ve also started a chiptune-centric blog, in which we publish articles about all things chiptune, including news about both musicians and developers, as well as historical deep dives about topics that might interest chip music fans. Despite all this change and growth, the Café’s original mission remains the same: we want to help indie chiptune creators by giving them opportunities to network, learn, and show off their projects to a wider audience.